The Best New Scooter

There have been a lot of new advancements in the world of mobility. From new chassis to better tech integration, we asked our experts, what are the best new scooters on the market?

Scott Cummings and Brandon Novicke have combined X years of experience as mobility experts. On top of fitting people with the best mobility devices for their needs, they also run a business repairing and replacing parts on scooters and power wheelchairs. So, they really know these machines inside and out!

The Best New Travel Scooter



The Best New Travel Scooter

This folding travel scooter is easily portable and incredibly functional.


Why experts love it: The ATTO portable mobility scooter is a transformation master. Weighing just 66lbs, it is very lightweight and quickly folds to the size of carry-on luggage when you don’t need it. With the ATTO, you don’t need to make plans around your mobility; plan to stay out all day and pop it into a cab when you need to!  Its standard features include a USB charging port, desk storage, adjustable seat height, and lithium battery. We think the ATTO is cool technology in an attractive package. 

Best New Build


ZeroTurn 8 

The best indoor scooter

With Zero Turn technology, this scooter has the stability of a 4-wheel scooter and a tight turning radius comparable to 3-wheel devices.

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Why the experts love it: This four-wheel scooter is the best of both worlds; it has incredible stability and a very tight turn radius. Most scooters turn around a point a few feet away from the scooter; the Zero Turn uses its unique build to pivot around its own back wheel, making it the king of maneuverability. It comes standard with a 300lb weight capacity, charging port in tiller, one-hand disassembly, and maximum speeds up to 4 mph.

Best New All-Terrain



The Best New All-Terrain Scooter

This all-terrain scooter has everything you need to get back to the great outdoors.

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Why experts love it: Pride’s new Wrangler is a sturdy all-terrain scooter that you can take on all your adventures. The Wrangler features large tires, excellent suspension, dual hydraulic brakes, and bright headlights. Driving this scooter feels similar to driving a typical ATV, we felt safe and secure heading down uneven, unpaved trails. Although it drives like an ATV, the seat and steering configuration is designed to give you extra support throughout your ride. 

We know you’ll love these new scooters, but the only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself! You can order any of these devices from Moving Around, and try them for 30 days, FREE! 

If you’re still not sure, feel free to call 1-888-580-4777  to speak directly to our mobility experts. Scott and Brandon will help you find the perfect mobility device to fit your lifestyle.