The Best Off-Road Outdoor Scooter


If you’re someone who likes to get into the outdoors, which mobility scooter is right for you? There’s a lot of options out there, so we asked the experts: what are the best off-road mobility scooters on the market? 


Scott Cummings and Brandon Novicke have combined 30 years of experience as mobility experts. On top of fitting people with the best mobility devices for their needs, they also run a business repairing and replacing parts on scooters and power wheelchairs. So, they really know these machines inside and out! 


When looking for a mobility device to use outdoors, you want to look for a machine with high ground clearance, good suspension, air-filled tires, and a secure, comfortable seat. These scooters tend to be larger than a typical mobility scooter. Their size and weight help give them the stability and robustness they need to take you off-road safely. 



Without further ado, here are the best off-road and outdoor scooters on the market: 


Our Top Pick:



The Best Off-Road Scooter 

This all-terrain scooter has everything you need to get back to the great outdoors. 



Why we love it:

 Pride’s new Wrangler is a sturdy all-terrain scooter that you can take on your outdoor adventures. The Wrangler features large air-filled tires, excellent suspension, and a high ground clearance. These features, in combination, give you a smooth ride over raw terrain, and even over curbs. For additional safety, the Wrangler comes with dual hydraulic brakes, and bright LED headlights. 


Driving this scooter feels similar to driving a typical ATV, we felt safe and secure heading down uneven, unpaved trails. Unlike a sports vehicle, the seat and steering configuration has been designed to give you extra support throughout your ride. The Wrangler can drive up to 11mph and has a battery range of over 22 miles. 


Best on a Budget


Victory 10 LX

The best outdoor scooter for your wallet


This 4-wheel scooter features CTS Suspension, offering a smooth ride with performance to match.

View Victory 10 LX


Why we love it:

The Victory 10 LX is a full-size 4-wheel scooter with Comfort-Trac Suspension, which uses advanced suspension components for improved absorption over rough terrain. You probably wouldn’t take this scooter off-roading, but it would be great down a walking trail, on unpaved roads, or over grass. At $1,979, this scooter’s price tag is about half as much as other outdoor scooters, but it still has everything you need to get into the great outdoors. 

It offers a 400 lb weight capacity, a driving range of 16.6 miles, max speeds up to 5.6 mph, and bright LED headlights. The Victory line up of scooters is made by Pride, which means it is easy to source and order replacement parts to keep your scooter going for years. 


Best for the Road


Afiscooter S4

The best outdoor scooter for the road


On and off the road, this device can take you anywhere with style, safety, and comfort.

View Afiscooter S4


Why we love it: 

The Afiscooter S4 is a 4-wheel outdoor scooter. It’s great for taking off the path, but we especially love this scooter for its use on the street. 

This scooter offers a 28-mile driving range and speeds up to 9.3 mph. You can get around town - or completely across town - without any worries about running out of power. It has good ground clearance and suspension so that you can get over curbs and clear small obstacles. It also features a programmable electronic controller, an LCD control screen, and LED headlights. You can also choose to order the protective canopy, which you can easily take on and off depending on the weather! It comes standard with side mirrors and is robust enough to carry you, your shopping, and anything else you might need for the day. 





We know you’ll love these outdoor scooters, but the only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself! You can order any of these devices from Moving Around, and try them for 30 days, FREE! 


If you’re still not sure, feel free to call 1-888-580-4777  to speak directly to our mobility experts. Scott and Brandon will help you find the perfect mobility device to fit your lifestyle.