The Best Travel Scooter



Are you looking for a mobility scooter that you can take on the go? There’s a lot of options out there, so we asked the experts what travel scooters are the best on the market? 


Scott Cummings and Brandon Novicke have a combined 30 years of experience as mobility experts. On top of fitting people with the best mobility devices for their needs, they also run a business repairing and replacing parts on scooters and power wheelchairs, so they really know these machines inside and out! 


When you’re choosing a travel scooter, you want to look for a model that is comfortable to use and easy to transport. Typically, you will want to look for a scooter that you or your travel buddy will be able to disassemble and stow away easily. 


The best travel scooters have lightweight pieces under 50-lbs and incorporate a one-handed disassembly system. Sometimes patented as ‘feather-touch disassembly’, these scooters will have easy to grab levers that smoothly disconnect the segments so you can pack it into your car. 


Other types of travel scooters, like the ATTO, fold up instead of disassembling. If you are planning a trip with lots of stops, full disassembly might be too cumbersome. A folding scooter can be packed up and rolled like a piece of luggage to get on the subway, ride an escalator, or sit at a restaurant. 


A good travel scooter will feel stable and sturdy while you are using it. The best travel scooters manage to be compact while still supporting. Take a pass on any scooter that feels wobbly or has pieces that don’t fit together perfectly. 


With these criteria in mind, here are the best travel scooters on the market: 


Our Top Pick:


The Best Travel Scooter

This folding travel scooter is lightweight, portable, and functional. It is easy and comfortable to use and manages to be cool at the same time. 




Why we love it: 

The ATTO scooter is the king of portability. This travel scooter folds up to the size of carry-on luggage that you can pull behind you while you walk, or stow in the trunk of your car. It takes just 15 seconds to fold and unfold the ATTO. All the pieces click into place securely, and we found it sturdy and comfortable to drive. 


Besides its usability, we also like the ATTO’s simple, elegant design. It doesn’t look like a typical bulky mobility device; it could definitely be mistaken for the next cool toy, in the realm of electric skateboards and Segways. 


It offers a 10 miles driving range and a max speed up to 4 mph. Its standard features include a USB charging port, desk storage, adjustable seat height, and lithium battery. We think the ATTO is cool technology in an attractive package. 



Best on a Budget:

Go-Go Ultra X

The best travel scooter for your wallet

A compact travel scooter that packs power. This convenient and simple design will get you where you need to go.

View Go-Go Ultra X


Why we love it: 

The Go-Go Ultra X is a travel scooter that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Like any good travel scooter, it incorporates feather-touch disassembly so you can easily unclasp each segment with one hand. It disassembles into five lightweight pieces that you can fit in the trunk of your car; the heaviest part is only 34 lbs. 

The profile is minimalistic, but we find the Ultra X to feel stable and sturdy. The connections are well designed and hold up well over time. This is also a Pride brand scooter, so replacement parts are readily available and easy to order. With a 260 lb weight capacity, a driving range up to 7.2 miles, this little powerhouse will take you where you need to go.   

We’re showing the 4-wheel model above, but we would also recommend the 3-wheel Go-Go Ultra X. The 3-wheel model is the same as the 4-wheel model, but with only one center wheel in the front. 3-wheel models have better maneuverability around tight corners, but they do not perform as well over uneven ground and small obstacles. The choice between the 3 and 4 wheel version will depend heavily on where you plan to use your scooter. 


Best Large Frame:

Jazzy Zero Turn

The best travel scooter with extra stability

With Zero Turn technology this scooter has the stability of a 4-wheel scooter and a tight turning radius comparable to 3-wheel devices.

View Go-Go Ultra X


Why we love it:  

The ATTO and Ultra X are excellent travel scooters, but they might not be as comfortable for someone with a larger frame. If you need a bit more support, we recommend the Zero Turn 8. Like the other travel scooters, the Zero turn uses feather-touch disassembly to easily break down into four manageable pieces. The heaviest piece on this scooter is only 48lbs. 

The Zero Turn’s most impressive feature is its ‘Zero Turn Technology.’ Most four-wheel scooters turn like a car, think of trying to do a U-turn in your car - you have to drive in a wide semi-circle to get the car facing the opposite direction. Unlike a car, or typical 4 wheel scooter, the Zero Turn uses its patented design to pivot around its own back wheel, giving it the smallest turning radius possible. The benefit of this design is maneuverability; you don’t need much space to turn this scooter around. You can easily make your way through crowded shops, and between furnishings without compromising on support and stability.  





We know you’ll love these travel scooters, but the only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself! You can order any of these devices from Moving Around, and try them for 30 days, FREE! 


If you’re still not sure, feel free to call 1-888-580-4777  to speak directly to our mobility experts. Scott and Brandon will help you find the perfect mobility device to fit your lifestyle.