Service Plans

One Year All-In Service Plan

We offer a one-year all in service plan on every mobility device that we sell.

When you purchase a device from us one of our experts will call you to confirm your order and schedule a technician to deliver your mobility device to you and show you how to use it.

For the first year that you own your mobility device, we will take care of anything that goes wrong. If anything needs to be replaced under the manufacturer's warranty, we will take care of all paperwork and installation/replacement of any necessary parts.

You're covered anywhere your mobility device takes you - our technicians can be dispatched anywhere in the United States. 

Just give us a call and we'll send someone out to help.

Three Year Service Plan Upgrade

We also give you the option to upgrade to a three year service plan. For an additional two years, any labor necessary to repair your mobility device is covered. We will also submit any warranty claims on your behalf which you are eligible for.

Additionally, you will need at least one new battery within a three year period if your scooter or power chair is used regularly. Our service plan covers one new battery replacement, when required.

We recommend most customers opt for the three year service plan as it provides peace of mind and is quite economical when considering battery life.

Manufacturer's Warranty and Service Appointments

If you no longer have an active service agreement with us, or if you bought your chair from someone else, we'd be happy to send an expert technician out if you're having a problem with your chair. Contact us and we can give you a quote on a low-cost diagnostic appointment. If your chair is eligible to be repaired under the manufacturer's warranty, we will assist you with the process.

The Fine Print

Specifically excluded from our service agreements is damage due to the carrying capacity of the device being exceeded or from abuse. It is very important that you select a mobility device suited to your needs. We are here to help. Please give us a call and we can get you into the right device.

The three year service plan covers service and repair and limited parts. Except for excluded items the service plan covers all warranty parts for 12 months and all labor for 36 months as provided in the agreement. The plan covers a single optional replacement of batteries after the battery warranty expires for up to 12 months provided the defect is not due to Customer neglect or abuse.

If out of warranty parts are required, all parts will be approved by customer before ordering and installation.

There are a few things that are specifically excluded from the service plan coverage. It does not cover routine maintenance of the mobility device. It does not cover repairs or replacement of parts if the device is not operated in a reasonable way, in the way in which it was intended, or was neglected or abused. It does not cover damage due to exceeding the weight or carrying capacity of the device. It does not cover wear and tear, nor damage occurring outside of the United States.